It is Important That We Write

According to my website the last time I posted to this blog was on April 8.  Looking back it does not seem that it could have been that long ago.  Time does move on quickly.  I have a number of excuses that I could insert here but as I often say excuses are not equal to results.  It has simply been too long.

Like a number of writers I get blocked from time to time and just can’t figure out what to write.  Of course the folly in that idea is that it assumes that what I write when I can think of it is worthwhile.  That is more likely ego talking rather than anything else.  As hard as this may be to overcome I have to just make sure I write.  I have allowed myself to forget that I write for me not the world at large, at least not yet.  I guess I also need to ask those few that read this to forgive me when the quality is not up to your standards.  Here again, I need to remember why I write.  

Today I was reading something I wrote back in February which I never posted.  It reminded me about thoughts I was having then and in particular it reminded me of a conversation.  Had I not written those notes I would not have remembered the conversation.  In fact as I read the potential post I really could not remember ever having had the conversation or having met the person that I was writing about.  Then I realized that this exactly the point.  In February of this year I wrote something that is of value to me today.  While back in February it appeared to me to be unworthy of posting or even finishing, today it serves as a potent reminder of why I must write and why you must too.

When we write we are collecting our thoughts from a moment in time.  It does not matter if in that moment the thoughts appear worthy, since just as many things mature and get better with age so do our thoughts.  Perhaps even this post will only have value to me or perhaps to you at some point in the near or distant future.  If so then that is the reason to write.  You do not need to know the reason today you just need to write your thoughts, your feelings, and your ideas.  Never letting a day pass that you don’t take a moment to capture your thoughts.  This is a reminder to me today but I hope it is an encouragement to you.  

Now stop reading and go write down your thoughts.  Do it now.  I am going to be following my own advice.